Videos & Video Policy

Our Video Policy and Videos


Aside from "is this still available", the most common question we get regarding our preowned gear is "can I get a video?", which is much better than getting a message only stating "video". We'd like to clarify our position regarding these requests to assist you in making an informed decision regarding purchasing from our company. 

Many people ask for videos because they're concerned the product in question is non-functional, and they feel a video would prove it's functionality. To this line of thinking, we would like to point out that we PREFER to only accept PayPal as payment on social media/online sales, and PayPal offers full protection to the buyer in case of a damaged or missing item. We'd like to point out that many well-known scammers on social media have gladly sent videos of other people's products to make it seem they actually have the item in question, so please don't think a video is making you any safer. Please only use PayPal or a payment system with a buyer protection policy, we offer PayPal, as well as Card processors where your bank will always help you in case of any issues. Not that you would have to as we stand behind everything that we sell!

The second issue at hand is that we move a large amount of preowned gear, we may even be one of the top five preowned equipment resellers on social media, and our products come and go quickly, often too quickly for videos. All of our preowned gear is tested before being accepted into our inventory, and as stated above, PayPal covers the buyer in case of an issue later on (not that we'd let it get that far, we strive for 100% customer satisfaction). By the time we made it to the warehouse, took the video, edited it to comply with social media standards, and had it approved for listing, the item is generally sold. You're protected by PayPal - don't worry about videos. 

Thirdly, we've been doing this for a while - Over 40 years worth of buying and selling warning and radio equipment. There's a decent-sized group of people online that simply get their jollies off of watching lights flash, and we just don't have time to cater to these non-customers. We do have a YouTube and TikTok page, and we will be making an effort to get some cool videos up of the unique lighting and sirens we get - but not at the expense of actual customers' requests and concerns. 

Fourthly, our light bars and most of our lighting products are BUILT TO ORDER. We do enjoy doing our job but not to the point that we will build or recolor a light just so someone can see what it looks like. they all pretty much flash the same and there is plenty of YouTube videos of them to get an idea of what it will look like when its blinking. With that said there is some bars that have literally hundreds of patterns/programming options. We don not have that kind of time in the day to show off every pattern on the hundreds of light options we sell. I try to post the available flash patterns as I can in each listing

We hope this post helps clear up our 'no-video' policy, and we're happy to answer any follow up questions you may have.


For the odd occasion that we do make a video of a light or siren it for our own enjoyment to show off a wonderful build that we have done as well as a bit of an advertisement for those looking for something along the lines of what we do

For those videos please go and check out my TikTok page here: